The Girl In The Spider's Web
   Reviewed By: xeme

Now I watched both versions of the Girl in the Dragon Tattoo movies and for sure the Swedish version was better despite the fact it was far more graphic. People were concerned when Steig Larsson died that the trilogy would end - that no one could write like Steig. Well David has proven those naysayers wrong. He did a great job continuing the series.

In this book, Lisbeth does not have the same mysterious bent though. She seems much older and more sure of herself without the same sense of anger as in earlier novels. The chase begins real soon when she performs a harrowing rescue with no premeditated intention. And it's that whimsical move which was motivated by her high moral compass that gets the story moving quite rapidly. if you are a fan of the first three and you like the glimpses into technology advances you are afforded, this 4th book is a great read.

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Back of the Book:

  • The Associated Press - Lisbeth Salander could be the next female Jason Bourne.
  • The Washington Post - Lasrron left a monument behind, a modern masterpiece. The trilogy ranks among those novels that expand the horizons of popular fiction.
  • Newsweek - The literary equivalent of a caffeine rush ... Larsson may have died too early, but Lisbeth Salander will keep his name alive for years.


   By: xeme


   By: xeme


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